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Conference • 24 October 2024 • Brussels

Building the European Hydrogen Value Chain

with Belgium at its heart

At this conference, we will focus on the developments and critical aspects throughout the whole hydrogen value chain i.e. the status of the production projects in our region, the highlights regarding research & technology developments, the hydrogen backbone construction, the building of storage facilities at import terminals and the most interesting cases regarding end-use in industry and transport.

Results of Belgian players will be complemented with highlights from international frontrunners. Also this year we hope to welcome visitors from our neighbouring regions to exchange insights and develop new collaborations.

We are looking forward to meeting you there.


Meet us at the European Hydrogen Week - 20-24 November 2023, Brussels

Dear WIC/BHC members,

The Belgian Hydrogen Council will host a booth at the EU Hydrogen Week, which will take place from 20 to 24 November in the Expo conference center in Brussels. We look forward to welcoming you there ! You can find us at Booth L40. Attendance to the exposition forum is free and registrations can be made through this link.

Furthermore, on Wednesday November 22th (morning) you are welcome at the roundtable on Hydrogen Technology collaborations between Belgian and South-African companies. This session will take place in Room 1125 of the Expo (9:30-13:00) and is organised in collaboration with the South African delegation to the EU H2 Week. A draft agenda is available. Should you be interested in this session, please reach out to directly.

We are looking forward to meeting you there !

The BHC-team


Conference Belgian Hydrogen Cluster ‘Joining forces on Hydrogen – Belgium, Benelux and its neighbours’ - 16.10.23 - subscribe now !

Under the umbrella of the Belgian Hydrogen Council (BHC), WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed are organising the conference ‘Joining forces on Hydrogen – Belgium, Benelux and its neighbours’. The conference takes place in Dockx Dome Eventhall in Brussels on Oct 16 2023 (8.30h - 17.15h).


The BHC was recently established to represent the Belgian hydrogen industry on national and international level. It unites the two regional clusters - Waterstof Industrie Cluster in Flanders and H2Hub in Wallonia - and represents the entire Belgian hydrogen value chain.

The ministers concerned will attend the conference to express their support to the Belgian Hydrogen Council and to cooperation on national level. We welcome Tinne Van der Straeten, Federal minister of Energy, Jo Brouns, Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation, Philippe Henry, Vice President and Minister for Climate, Energy and Mobility.

Ruud Kempener (Member of Cabinet of European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson) will present the role of hydrogen in a European perspective.

In lively panel discussions prominent speakers of the top of the Belgian Hydrogen industry and research institutes (Engie, Fluxys, Air Liduide, Port of Antwer-Bruges, Virya, ArcelorMittal, North Sea Port, DEME ,John Cockerill, Accelera, Cummins, Agfa, Bekaert, Van Hool, Solenco Power, Solhyd, Hyve,  Sirris, CRM-group, Materia Nova and UGent & Université de Liège)  will exchange their views on how to accelerate the hydrogen developments in our region.

And the ambassador of Namibia will talk about the cooperation on hydrogen supply. 

With this conference the BHC also wants to strengthen the links with its neighbouring regions.

With representatives of the neighbouring hydrogen councils (The Netherlands, Germany, France), we'll discuss possibilities for cooperation.

We are looking forward to meeting you there.


Programme Conference

  • 08.30 Registration & coffee
  • 09.00 Welcome & introduction - WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed
  • 09.10 Opening
    • Jo Brouns, Flemish Minister for Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture
    • Philippe Henry, Minister of Wallonia for Climate, Infrastructure, Energy, & Mobility
  • 09.30 Belgium as a key player in hydrogen
    • Tom Hautekiet, Port of Antwerp-Bruges
  • 09.50 Global hydrogen developments
    • Steven Libbrecht, Director Operations and PMO - Hydrogen Council

Theme 1: Belgium as an important H2 consumer, developing its supply value chain

  • 10.10 Working with Belgian partners for future H2 supply
    • Mekondjo Kaapanda-Girnus, Ambassador for Namibia in BE
  • 10.30 Panel discussion: Facilitating the transition of our industry towards sustainable hydrogen
    Moderator Bert De Colvenaer
    • Cedric Osterrieth, Engie
    • Steven Van Caekenberghe, Fluxys

    • Xavier Pontone, Air Liquide

    • Stephan Windels, Virya
    • Wouter Bleukx, Ineos
    • Philippe Alboort, ArcelorMittal
    • Charlotte Herman, North Sea Port
    • Jean-Baptiste De Cuyper, Deme

  • 11.10 Coffee break

Theme 2: Belgium has key technology suppliers

  • 11.40 CMB as frontrunner in hydrogen deployment,
    • Alexander Saverys, CEO, CMB
  • 12.00 Panel discussion: Supporting our technology players to excel on the international scene
    Moderator: Cédric Brull
    • Raphael Tilot, John Cockerill
    • Patrick Vanschoubroek, Accelera-Cummins
    • Vincent Wille, Agfa
    • Edouard de Masson d'Autume, Bekaert
    • Geert Van Hecke, Van Hool
    • Sven Duchatelet, Solenco Power
  • 12.40 Network lunch

Theme 3: Belgian research & innovation in hydrogen

  • 14.10 Hydrogen : promises and challenges, From Past to Nowadays, review of academic research directions
    • Aurore Richel, Professor at the University of Liège
  • 14.30 Panel discussion: Establishing a coherent Belgian hydrogen research program that feeds our industry
    Moderator: Isabel François
    • Jan Rongé, Solhyd
    • Rik Vreys, Hyve
    • Marijke Mahieu, UGent
    • Pieter Jan Jordaens, Sirris
    • Cathérine Archambeau, CRM-group
    • Fabrizio Maseri, Materia Nova
  • 15.10 Coffee break

Theme 4: Belgium and international collaborations

  • 15.00 The importance of European collaboration on hydrogen,
    • Ruud Kempener,
      Member of Cabinet of European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson
  • 16.10 Panel discussion - The role of the national councils and opportunities for collaboration
    Moderator: Jorgo Chatzimarkakis
    • Elisa Hörhager, German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    • Alice Krekt, NL Hydrogen
    • Christelle Werquin, France Hydrogène
    • Jan Molema, Benelux Secretariat
    • Tom Hautekiet, Belgian Hydrogen Council
  • 17.00 Closing speech
    • Tinne Van der Straeten, Belgian federal Minister of Energy
  • 17.15 Reception

Participation for members of the Waterstof Industrie Cluster andCluster Tweed is free of charge.
Participation for non-cluster members costs: 250 € (excl. VAT).

Registration period is over